World Osteoporosis Day Edition



And we're so glad you are, too. In short, we exist to change the way we look at bone health - powered by the technology we love. From educating you with videos, guides, and friendly tips to empowering you to live life your way, we've built a community-driven app worth shouting about. In other words, it's by people with Osteoporosis, for people with Osteoporosis.

Mark Friday October 20th on your calendar - it's World Osteoporosis Day, and the launch of (probably) your new favourite community.


We understand that for those living with Osteoporosis, it's not a once-a-year deal; it's our everyday. But, to us, it's all about raising awareness, connecting with those who 'get it', and celebrating the fact that, this year, we're a community richer, with the technology, support, and expert guidance to match. Ker-ching.


We could tell you all about how this is the push to get us out of bed each morning, but simply put, it all comes down to wanting to help people. It's in our DNA, whether that's helping you top-up your confidence levels, bringing you a tight-knit community when you need it most, or giving you the tools to live a better, healthier, more fulfilled life. And that, we like to think we're doing.


We'll let you in on a secret - we're planning a bone health movement. By shouting from the rooftops that this doesn't just affect the older generation, encouraging everybody, everywhere to tell their story, and creating one central hub of education (goodbye contradictory advice!), we're creating a simpler, less daunting future for the next generation.


Hi, I'm Catherine.
I may now be the founder of SNAP, but I didn't always dream about building the bone health companion. But, it takes being sat down by a doctor and dealt the blow of an Osteoporosis diagnosis to show you what really matters. It all started in 2018 - a diagnosis that shaped the next five years of my life, leaping from utter shock, to understanding my 'why', to flipping my lifestyle 180°, as I learned everything there is to know about improving those T-Scores. And here I am, taking you under my wing to pass everything I've learned on to you.


Don't worry - we hate spam as much as you do, so we'll only pop back in when we've got big news to share… like the cutting-edge features set to revolutionise bone health. No big deal.


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